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Guest PC comes bundled with DOS and is ready for you to install Windows.

The built-in Windows Setup Assistant will help you to install Windows automatically and easily.

Just select the operating system you want to install, specify your name and organization, enter the Windows license key, and click the Start OS Installation button.
Guest PC supports the following operating systems:

• Windows XP Home and Professional
• Windows 2000 Professional and Server
• Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server
• Windows Me
• Windows 98 and 98SE
• Windows 95
• Windows 3.1

The operating systems listed here have been tested in the Guest PC virtual computer and are officially supported.

To install one of the OSes above, you must own or purchase a licensed copy of the operating system you wish to use.
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Insert your Windows installation CD, and Windows Setup Assistant will install all the required hardware, setup the modem, printer and will prepare a network connection.

After Windows is installed, you will see a normal Windows desktop.