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I have a Power Macintosh G5 1.8 GHz… will Guest PC run Windows or my applications at the same speed as a 1.8 GHz Pentium 4?
In spite of the fact that the PowerPC G5 is a very powerful micro-processor, it cannot emulate a PC and run Windows at the same speed as the Native Processor. There is some overhead involved in the Emulation. That is why the speed of your Emulated PC system will be slower than a PC which is the same speed as your Mac.
I have a PowerMac G4 800 MHz and would like to install Windows XP. Will it run on my system?
Windows XP like any modern operating system requires a lot of resources. You can install Windows XP but it will work slowly. We recommend you install Windows 95, 98 or Me. Up to 90% of common PC applications will work with these versions of Windows. Windows XP is recommended for G5 systems only.
What Windows applications can I run with Guest PC?
Lots of applications will run without any problems. We did our best to test the compatibility of many popular Windows applications with Guest PC. But, unfortunately we are not be able to test all PC applications for possible problems and conflicts. If you install a program, and it won’t run… let us know and we will do our best to make it work.
Can I play games with Guest PC?
"Yes" and "No". There are tons of PC games, and some of them require a powerful PC to work the best. To see if Guest PC is appropriate to run the game you want to buy, check the box or the Users Manual for the game’s system requirements. If the game doesn't need accelerated 3D video and high processor performance, it will run. If you want to run the latest shooters, or quests and you are an enthusiastic gamer, we suggest you buy a hardware PC or a game console.
Can I exchange files between Windows and Mac OS X?
You can exchange files using the Drag-And-Drop functionality. To use this feature you should install the Guest PC Additions first. Also, you can mount Guest PC virtual hard disks on the Mac desktop by double clicking on the Guest PC configuration file.
Can I print from Windows programs to my Mac printer?
Yes, you can print, Guest PC redirects all printing jobs to your Mac printer. Also, you can access your Mac printer as a network printer.