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Does the guest OS have full networking capability? Is the wireless networking supported?
Yes, Guest PC has full networking compatibility with wireless network support. Guest PC supports dynamic and static IP addressing.
I have a USB device will it work in Windows?
The most common devices are supported and will work fine but as there are many USB devices available, we are not able to test all USB devices for possible problems and conflicts.
Can I have several operating systems installed with Guest PC?
Yes, you can install as many operating systems as you like. You can also run several operating systems simultaneously.
Can I install other OSes other than the ones above with Guest PC?
Yes, with Guest PC you can install other operating systems, Linux for example. We do not provide full support for operating systems other than Windows or DOS at this time. We are interested in increasing compatibility with various alternate OSes for the x86 platform, and will be doing that as much as we can. If you have installation problems with a particular unsupported OS, contact us and we will try to solve them as soon as possible.
Will I have to buy hardware to run Guest PC?
No, Guest PC uses your existing Mac resources. We do recommend that you have a minimum of 256mb of RAM in your MacOS X system. 512mb is preferred, and you will have a better experience with more RAM available for your emulated PC. When emulating a PC with the newer operating systems (i.e.: Windows 2000 and Windows XP), you will require more available memory for the best experience. For these operating systems, you will want to have 384mb or more in your Mac.
Will Guest PC work with my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
Yes it will. You can use any Mac OS X compatible keyboard and mouse with Guest PC.
Do I need Windows?
Guest PC is bundled with DOS only. To run Windows applications you will need to install Windows. If you do not own a copy of Windows, you can purchase one on eBay.com, NexTag.com or Shopping.com (for example)
Is Guest PC User Guide available?
Yes. You can download it from here.