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Independent Reviews

Below are the links to published reviews of our software. The reviews are for current and previous editions of Guest PC. You can also check out a collection of user opinions.

Note: The bugs mentioned have been fixed and the missing functionality has been added since the reviews were published. Please read version history for details.

Low End Mac Guest PC: A More Affordable Way to Put Windows on Your Mac (v1.7)
Review by Alan Zisman
Dec 5, 2005
The Sun Herald Run Windows cheaply, Mac (v1.6)
Written by Al Fasoldt
Nov 25, 2005
OSNews Guest PC 1.4 - Ready for Prime Time?
Written by special contributor Keith Burgess
Jun 7, 2005
MacCompanion GuestPC 1.2 – Virtual ‘x86 for Your Mac
Review by Derek Meier
May 2005
MacWorld Guest PC 1.2
Review by Robert Ellis
May 17, 2005
PDAntic.com Lismore Software Systems Ltd. Guest PC for Macintosh (v1.2)
Review by Steve Sande, Editor in Chief
April 21, 2005
MacOSXRumors Exclusive review of Guest PC with screenshots (v1.0)
Review by Alexandros Roussos, Editor in Chief
February 9, 2005