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How To Connect GPS using MapSource to a Mac

MapSource, as you know, is required to transfer data , waypoints and maps to/from GPS device . Unfortunately, MapSource is only compatible with the Windows computers.

Guest PC solves the problem, as it allows to run Windows on your Mac. Here is a step-by-step instruction how to use MapSource on your Mac for any job for your GPS device.

To use MapSource on a Mac you will need:

  • The Guest PC application
  • Windows installation CD
  • MapSource Application
  • Your GPS device
Windows 98 was used as an example only and as it works the fastest. You can use any Windows version you have.

1. Guest PC installation is very simple, just double-click on Guest PC installation package. It will take less than a minute to have Guest PC installed.

2. Insert Windows into CD or DVD drive, fill the required information and click the Start OS Installation button. Windows setup will be in the unattended mode.

3. After Windows installation completes you will see a Windows desktop.

4. Insert MapSource installation CD and launch its installer in Windows.

5. Install your GPS Windows device drivers. The drivers can be obtained from your device installation CD.

6. Attach your GPS device to a Mac USB port. Windows will recognize your device and install the required components.

7. Run MapSource application. Now your device is connected and ready for use.

Using Guest PC you will utilize the full power of MapSource application.

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