Why do I need Guest PC and Windows if Mac OS X is that good?

Lets not go far for the answer, let me give you some examples of how I use Guest PC.

Unknown Files

For my job, I needed to locate a manual for a USB keyboard we had. I opened the Google.com search engine webpage, typed the search query and promptly found what I was looking for.

After I downloaded the manual to my Mac desktop, I discovered that it had an .exe extension. I realized that it is a self-extracting archive, i.e. a program. Unfortunately, my Mac can’t open .exe files which are meant for PCs only.

That didn’t stop me, because I simply ran Guest PC, booted my emulated PC with Microsoft Windows and unpacked the archive with a double-click.

Problem solved!

Internet Tricks

My wife loves flowers. She visits Internet-based forums where she exchanges flower bulbs with other florists.

Once, she wanted to place an exchange message on the message board. She entered the site, filled in all the information required, pressed the send button and… nothing. She pressed the button once more, nothing again!

It turned out that the site is not supported by a Mac-based web-browser. Normally, this is a problem that most Mac owners can’t get past.

But, there was a simple solution. She ran Guest PC, booted her emulated Windows environment, and used a Windows-based web-browser to post the message without any problems.

Another problem solved.

Missed Applications

My father has a hobby. He has an old car, and loves working on it. To do this, he often needs special parts that are hard to find. While browsing on the Internet, I found a spare parts catalogue on CD for his car.

I decided to get this as a surprise for my father. But, the site said: "Designed for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP".

I didn’t feel like buying my father a PC just to run the CD with the catalogue. He already had a perfectly good Mac he was happy with. I decided to run it with Guest PC, and it worked!

Dad was absolutely happy.

Knowledge & Experience

Once my son asked: "Dad, what is Windows 3.1?"

"It’s an old operating system for x86 computers." - I answered.

"Like Windows XP?"

"Similar, but older and less advanced. It’s also not as nice looking as Windows XP or MacOS X."

"Can you show it to me, please?" my son asked.

"Hmmm… Why not?" I said, and not only showed my son Windows 3.1, but all the different versions of Windows using Guest PC.

In spite of the fact that we do not have a PC, my son can now work in Mac OS X and any version of Windows as well.


My daughter started school, and I decided to get her some learning software.

We went to the software store, we went to the educational software aisle, I pointed to it and said: "Pick any program you want. But, only the ones with the ‘Made for Macintosh’ logo on them…"

She thought for a moment and asked: "Why?"

I thought for a second, and thought "Yeah, why?"

I’ve got Guest PC and I can run most every PC Program…

So, I said to my daughter: "OK, grab any one you’d like!"

She happily picked the programs she wanted without worrying if it was “Made for Macintosh” or not.

A happy daughter is a good thing!



I don’t need a PC, a Mac will do most everything I need. But, sometimes having a PC would really be good.

Now, I have a Mac, and "a little PC" inside.

I hope Guest PC will be a useful utility for you that will help you to solve different problems, just like it helped me. CEO Lismore Software Systems Ltd.

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