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Our History

Lismore Software Systems, Ltd. was founded in 1996 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Our development office is in Moscow, Russia.

Our first product was the Blue Label Power Emulator which emulates an x86 computer on classic Mac OS. This product was well received by our customers, and provided an inexpensive solution to the need for running Microsoft Windows Compatible applications on Apple PowerMacintosh Computers.

When Mac OS X appeared we started transferring our emulator to the new operating system.

As we had a lot of experience with emulating x86 PC’s on the Macintosh Platform, and a high demand from our customers for a Mac OS X Native version we decided to create a new emulator. Blue Label Power Emulator was rewritten and now is called Guest PC.

Development of Guest PC is ongoing, and we expect that our customers will be pleasantly surprised with future developments.

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