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Why does my Mac freeze while Installing Windows?
Before you install Guest PC and Windows, please disable any antivirus software, and repair the permissions on your disk using the Disk Utility application of Mac OS X.
I have a German version of Windows. How I can type Alt-Gr keys?
To simulate the Alt-Gr key, press the Ctrl+Alt keys together.
I use DHCP to connect to my network, but Windows does not obtain an IP address from my DHCP server.
Make sure your DHCP address pool is big enough to distribute an IP address to all computers on the network. Also, you can try to assign a static IP address in Windows.
Can I install Guest PC and Windows OS on an external firewire drive?
You can use your external firewire drive as storage for Guest PC configurations. Just move the "Guest PC Data" folder from ~/Documents folder to your external drive and place an alias to it in the ~/Documents folder. Make sure that the alias name is "Guest PC Data".
Do I need to install a driver for my printer in Windows?
You should not install a Windows driver for your printer. By default, Guest PC uses the Apple LaserWriter Select driver which is compatible with most PostScript printers. If you have a color printer, just use the Apple Color LaserWriter printer driver in Windows.